We Won!!!

  Hallows Die are the proud recipients of the Toronto Independent Music Awards’ best Metal, Punk, Surf, or Ska award for 2013-2014. We would like to congratulate the other winners, and thank everyone involved, especially the listed grand jury: Alan Cross, Christopher Ward, Hill Kourkoutis, Priya Ramanujam, Phillip McPherson, Korey Schafer, and Ari Kaplan; Joe […]

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A Halloween Massacre? We’re in!

    What are you doing six days before Halloween? Coming to Woodstock to open a few skylights in Legion Branch #55? Damn straight you are. Fatality’s going to be there, and Diabholico, and Bloodless Child, Devilz by Definition, Toxic Valve, Pedestrian-13, Lithia, and Kynesys too! And we might make an appearance somewheres around quarter […]

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